2019 Close Up Visit

Close Up students, chaperones, Embassy staff, and Charge d' Affaires, Jackson T. Soram

Washington DC, May 09, 2019- Yesterday, Close Up students from the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and their chaperones paid a courtesy call on the FSM Embassy in D.C. Charge d' Affaires, ad interim, Mr. Jackson Soram received the visiting students on behalf of Ambassador Akilino H. Susaia who was away from post and back in Palikir on work-related assignments.

Accompanying the group from the Close Up program was D.C. based staff, Ms. Dennell Reynolds. Also present during this year’s Close Up visit was former Jesuit volunteer, Ms. Rachel Laustrup. A now resident of Richmond, VA, who once lived and taught high school in Pohnpei from 2010-2012, Ms. Laustrup volunteered her time to come and speak to the visiting students providing a few words of encouragement.

As with past visits, this year’s visit provided an opportunity for the Embassy staff and the students to dialogue on topics and issues of interest, some of which are relevant to the upcoming Annual National Law Day Debate. The students also raised questions about consular and diplomatic matters. In response, the students were provided with an overview of the role of the Embassy, it’s day to day operations, and how it coordinates and collaborates with its three Consulates. The briefing also touched on the Embassy’s engagement with the host U.S. Government and work with other embassies including the Freely Associated States embassies based in D.C.

As if to keep up with the unwritten tradition of Close Up visits, the Embassy hosted a luncheon in honor of the students and their chaperones, resorting to familiar island style menu and feeding on the students craving for familiar food.

Please contact the Embassy at (202-223-4383 should you have questions.