Notice & Announcement to FSM Citizens in the United States

For Immediate Release relating to COVID-19 Pandemic

March 16, 2020

The Embassy of the Federated States of Micronesia in D.C. continues to monitor the COVID-19 Pandemic as it spreads throughout the United States. President Trump had declared a “National Emergency” for the United States. Each State throughout the United States had declared their own state emergencies. Earlier today, the U.S. Government issued President’s COVID-19 Guidelines for America which can be found here.

A few notable recommendations from President Trump Guidelines for America include the following:

  • Over the next 15 days (commencing on March 16, 2020), Americans should not gather in groups of more than 10 people. FSM citizens are therefore discouraged from attending social gatherings such as games, weddings, social functions, etc.
  • Schooling should be at home;
  • Discretionary travel and social visits should be avoided;
  • Practice social distancing and avoid contact with others. Avoid places like bars, restaurants, and malls;
  • Practice hand hygiene and avoid hand contact with face, nose and mouth. Overall, maintaining cleanliness and proper self-hygiene at all times;
  • If anyone in a household should be infected, the whole household should be quarantined and remain at home.

Citizen’s Responsibility:
The Embassy appeals to all FSM citizens in the United States to be vigilant in protecting themselves against the spread of the virus. Citizens are encouraged to practice proper health hygiene, engage in social distancing, minimize or avoid large gatherings, avoid public outings, and exercise appropriate quarantine practices.

Closure of the Embassy to the Public Access:
In response to the US national emergency, effective immediately access to the Embassy premise is now closed to the public. However, the Embassy’s phone lines will continue to be open during regular working hours, Monday - Friday. After work up to 9:00 p.m., the Embassy phone lines are on call-forwarding and staff are assigned to receive calls.

We would like to monitor citizens’ well being during this pandemic so we encourage sharing of information with us. If you have any questions, contact the Embassy at (202)223-4383.